Production Range Overview

From the types of products, it is divided into Powdered Gloves (During process, a small amount of corn flour gloves attached to the surface to keep the gloves slip) and powder-free gloves (process to PU substitute corn flour treatment agent, played the same role ); from the use, it is divided into the main medical grade gloves and industrial gloves (to distinguish the main indicator is the size of pinholes rate); from the size, it is divided from the model number XS, S, M, L, XL, lengthened, thickening, lengthening thicker type. After investigation, among the products are distributed in the industrial grade with pink and powder-free medical grade, M and L size play an important role on the market.

Productions/Size S M L XL
Wrist Thickness (mm) 0.1+/-0.03 0.1+/-0.03 0.1+/-0.03 0.1+/-0.03
Palm Thickness (mm) >0.090 >0.090 >0.090 >0.090
Figure Thickness (mm) >0.070 >0.070 >0.070 >0.070
Tensile Strength (Mpa) >11.00 >11.00 >11.00 >11.00
Percentage of Elongtation (%) >450 >450 >450 >450
Hand Width (mm) 85+/-5 95+/-5 105+/-5 115+/-5
Overall Length (mm) 245+/-5 245+/-5 245+/-5 245+/-5

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